Why do we do Island Missions?

The islands in Uganda are very remote and this makes them ”hard to reach areas”. That in several ways makes them vulnerable people. Since our ministry is to help rescue orphaned and vulnerable children, we believe we are called to minister to people in the islands so we can reach the children. The spread of HIV/AIDS in the island in Uganda that subsequently led to the death of the parents has left hundreds of children orphaned and vulnerable and therefore needing help in acquiring basic life needs. We also preach the gospel in hopes to transform the fishing communities.

What do we do on an Island Mission? 

Hard to reach areas in Uganda, even in places that are hard to reach because of physical distance, always have difficulty in getting basic needs of life and vital information (sensitization) on how to live healthy and prevent diseases, a case in point, HIV/AIDS. On our trips we partner with several organizations and do health camps, sensitization, evangelism, and in some cases provide clothes, scholastic materials, and food nutrients.

Island Mission comes to the assistance of the forgotten populations, in order to initiate them with the knowledge of Christ starting from the bible in order to establish churches and to identify their economic socio needs with the concern of supporting them.  You want to do more than visit. You want to see communities, steeped in generations of witchcraft, superstition, and animistic religion become faithful followers of Jesus!