Give a helping hand for poor people


It has been our daily Prayer to build a home for our children and a church for the community. That’s why we need this piece of land in order to be able to construct a children’s home and the Church for the community. Any form of support towards this project is highly appreciated.

Any donation towards this project gives you the opportunity to not only Bless our organization with your help, but to bless a child, a family, a village community and generations to come! 

Our Vision

To proclaim and practice the goodness and kindness as required of us by the lord by rescuing the weak and the needy.

Donate for land


    Your faithful generosity allows Rescue the poor Uganda to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of many of the most vulnerable children and families in Uganda. Lives are transformed, relationships are restored, and communities are changed because of YOUR generosity.

    It’s True. Your Gift Does Make a life change.
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