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Rescue the poor, the Christian based and charity NGO was started on 8th February 2012. It was started by youth who saw the need of taking the responsibility of being the defenders of the rights and the plight of the poor individuals.

It is very true that a lot of people are poor and it is almost impossible to kick poverty out of Uganda, but for our case, we are here to help people who are too poor to even afford the basic needs of life such as Education, Proper Health Care, Clean Water, Nutritious meals.

We help rescue the poor by using our personal finances as the directors of the organization and also solicit for funds from friends, family, organizations and People in Uganda and outside Uganda who love helping the poor, afflicted, needy and fatherless.

We derived our name “Rescue the Poor”, Our Mission, Vision and Objectives from the psalm of Asaph: psalms 82:3-4 which states that, “Defend the poor and fatherless.

Vindicate the afflicted and the poor. Rescue the poor and needy, delivering them from the power of the wicked. We always beseech and welcome all the people who want to rescue the poor, fatherless and afflicted from all that is making their lives hard.
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