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Proclaim good news to destitute, show the how important they are remind them how the kingdom of the lord was prepared for them.

Help the people see improvement in their standards of living and have them the children fixed in Christian schools.

Bring together the indigent members to provide a common forum to the indigent persons to deliberate on matters concerning their welfare.

Mobilize financial and non-financial support both locally and internationally through local media and internet respectively.

Meet, deliberate and formulate plans and measures appropriate to advance the betterment and progress of the indigent people.

Liaise with all concerned parties in society to prevent or reduce crime rates through crime resolution at all levels of society.

The objective above shall be achieved through public awareness of the concerned parties that is local council, village meetings, youth, religious gatherings, schools, people and any other that are incidental to achieving this goal.

Providing basic needs to people during and after incarceration such as foods, clothes and beddings and so on.

Support and facilitate tracing of families and next of kin of people during and after incarceration as some of them lose contact of these during arrest, or while in prison.

To provide refuge for ex convicts and help them get on their feet so as to fit in the society thus benefiting the country as a whole. This is done to show them and the community at large that there s life after prison and that these people have reformed.

To  give meaning to the purposes of incarceration that is to reform a person by preparing the community to welcome ex convicts through reconciliation of the accused and complainants, sensitization of the public about  an ex convict’s plight, bettering the lives of ex convicts by making them useful to society through outreach programs and involvement in community activities.

Provide counseling to people living with HIV/AIDS and encourage HIV testing.

Inculcate in people a sense of responsibility to themselves and the society at large.

Engage in charitable and social work independently or jointly with other organizations doing similar work.

Work with governmental agencies and non government agencies to increase awareness on the rights and plight of the people.

Facilitate any legal measures and processes and take practical decisions for and on behalf of the beneficiaries of the organization in their best interest and welfare.

Work with communities to uphold and ensure respect for people.

Solicit for internal and external assistance for the benefit and welfare of the beneficiaries of the organization.

Carry out activities aimed at resource mobilization for organization.

Solicit, obtain and receive funds through subscriptions, loans, gifts and deposits of money from persons and agencies desirous of supporting the objectives of the organization. 

Solicit, obtain and receive funds through subscription, loans, gifts and deposits of money from persons and agencies desirous of supporting the objectives of the organisation.

Do all other things that are necessary and expedient for the promotion and fulfillment of these objectives.

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