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Family Support Programme

This programme supports needy families both directly and indirectly. It supports the families indirectly by helping the children. Children are helped by providing them with basic needs such as Education, clothes and shoes. So, this that had been the responsibility of the family heads becomes our responsibility. By doing this, the burden on the family heads reduces and so they are able to provide the other basic needs, since initially it was hard for the family to get all the basic needs.
We have also planned this programme in the way that once we determine that some families have achieved a reasonable level of sustainability and are able to provide the basic needs for their members, we let them look out for themselves and we pick another set of families to support. We are currently closely monitoring and supporting 15 families.
We support the families directly by physically giving them hybrid seeds of maize and beans so that they can grow food for the family members. With the hybrid seeds, we ensure that good yields are received.

On the issue of agriculture, we also bring to the village agricultural experts to advice the villagers of how to practice better and modernized agriculture with the little available resources.

We periodically provide the very needy families with household items such as sugar, salt, soap and paraffin. In the process of supporting these families, we do capacity building and promote sustainability.

We do this by sharing with them ideas and also bringing to the experts in different fields such as Health, Agriculture and Business. We discourage dependency since we cannot guarantee that we will support them forever.

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