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Vision Bearer
I was brought up in a Christian family, mother worked hard to give us a descent living. Am a brother to one sisters and one brother. Now...u can say anything about your family...personally, my family comes first and I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful family, Friends are the family I choose. I love my family, I like my friends!
Name:  Norah Namutebi
Age: she was born in 2004
Mother‘s Name: Rose Nakibuuka
Her Father was killed by thugs as he was on his way home from selling his coffee in the local trading center and took off with the money.
Norah and her mother lives under very poor conditions and abject poverty.  She is much disciplined and enjoys drawing.

Name:  Lillian Namuwonge
Age: She was born in 2005
Mother‘s Name: Grace
The father of Lillian died and left the mother with 7 children. Lillian's family survives on just $1 a day and some days they go without food. However, if Lillian finishes school, she will be able to not only support herself but also support her family.  Her favorite free-time activities are singing, playing netball.

Name:  Joanitah Nalugya
Age:  She was born in 2003
She stays with a grandfather
She lost both of her parents; stays with her very old and weak grandfather who sacrifices his small energies to make the world a better place for her but situation get uglier as he gets weaker.

Name:  Erick Kemigisha
Age:  He was born in 2006
He is so much affected by HIV/AIDS. The father and mother were taken by the epidemic and he now stays with an auntie who can’t manage to cater for his needs because she not only has to take care of Erick but also Erick’s cousin brothers and sisters whose parents were also taken by the epidemic which killed lots of people in the society because of the ignorance about the disease.

Name:  Ritah Babirye
Age:  He was born in 2007
Her parents died of HIV and stays with grandmother, who offers to educate her, unfortunately, due to the grandmother’s frequent illness she was unable to continue sponsoring Ritah and her sister’s education.