Our Vision Statement
To be Christ centered ministry, which will aim at continuously rescuing the poor from the troubles of their lives that have hindered them from accessing the basic needs of life and help them through Christ to be saved for the best eternal life ahead of us because the bible says the kingdom of the lord is Ours.
We are a registered Non-governmental, Christian based and founded organization. We are found at kakiri, Gayaza in Wakiso district, Uganda in East Africa. We derived our organization’s name from … Psalm82:3-4” which states, “Defend the poor and fatherless. Vindicate the afflicted and the poor. Rescue the poor and needy, delivering them from the power of the wicked.
Like our name rescue the poor, we aim at helping the dire poor, access basic needs of life like food, shelter, clothes, Education and Medication. We also help rescue them from injustice by; fighting for their rights and making sure justice is served and, we also preach to them the gospel so that they are saved from the influence of the evil one (Satan) by bringing them to Jesus.

Our Mission Statement
To proclaim  and practice the goodness and kindness as required of us by the lord, by demonstrating God’s love and mercy for the poor and like Christians, fulfill God’s mission of redemption that He started by sending unto the world his son Jesus who was born for the poor sinners.
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